Hello! It's that time of year again? Time for what people in the West might call -- if it were April or May -- "spring cleaning": spending a day (or days!) getting the house to look fresh and bright. 

Why not take a break from the sponges and detergent to learn how to use these important words.

CLEAN / WASH (v)   きれいにする、掃除をする / 洗う

To clean something is to remove dirt and dust from it or make it neat and tidy. 

To wash something is to clean it using water.



1. Every December, our whole family spends the last weekend before New Year's cleaning every room
   in the house.

2. You should never clean your glasses with tissue. Use a soft cloth.

3. Gerry washes his car every Saturday in the summer, so it's always spotless.

4. Wash your hands before dinner.

5. We have seven children, so my wife has to wash a lot of clothes.
Now, get back to work!