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アパート、賃貸マンション の建物 vs. 分譲マンション

A building filled with apartments is called an apartment building, but a building filled with condominiums is still called simply a condominium.

(Be careful: We usually do NOT use the word "apartment" to talk about the whole building. It should only be used to talk about one unit in an apartment building.)

apartmentが集まった建物のことをapartment buildingといいます。condominiumは、共同住宅内の1戸分の区画の意味もありますが、建物全体のことを言いたいときにもそのまま使えます。

注意 : apartmentという言葉は、普通、建物全体をさすときには使いません。apartmentは、apartment building内の1戸分の区画をさします。

1. Jenny lives on the 36th floor of a beautiful apartment building  in Manhattan.

2. a: Have you met any of the other people in your apartment building?
   b: Yes. Most of them are really nice.

3. Does your condominium have elevators?

4. They cut down the trees behind our home and built a condominium.
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