Hello! Are you glad that the weekend has arrived? What are your plans? We hope you have a wonderful two days. 

Here's your Saturday WordMaster!

SO (busy) THAT    とても~なので

"Mr. Carlson is so busy that he has to work on weekends," means that he has to work on weekends because he is very busy. 

In this pattern, so must be followed by an adjective or adverb.

Mr. Carlson is so busy that he has to work on weekends.は、「カールソンさんは、とても忙しいので週末に仕事をしなければなりません。」という意味です。


1. The movie Titanic was so good that I saw it three times.

2. I got so cold and wet in the rain that I was sick the next day.

3. These potato chips are so delicious that I can't stop eating them.

4. My boss reads so fast that he can finish three long novels in a week.
This was so enjoyable that we'll be sure to come back tomorrow to do it all again. See you then!