Welcome back to Berlitz WordMaster! We're excited to be with you for another day. 

Today's WordMaster, like yesterday's, is about eating. So spread out your napkin, and let's begin!

HAVE (eggs) FOR (breakfast)  (朝食)に(卵)を食べる

When you want to talk about what you ate during a meal ? for example, eggs at breakfast ? you say, "I had eggs for breakfast" or simply "I had eggs."

食事のとき何を食べたか言いたいとき、― 例えば、 朝食に卵を食べたなら ― I had eggs for breakfast.(朝食に卵を食べました)と言います。単に、I had eggs.(卵を食べました)と言ってもいいです。

1. I usually have cold cereal for breakfast, but this morning I had pancakes.

2. a: What did you have for lunch?
  b: I just had a bowl of ramen.

3. a: We're having curry for dinner tonight.
  b: Again? We had that last night, too.
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