Welcome back to the work/school week! How was your weekend?  We hope it was fun and relaxing for you. 

Well, it's time to start a new week of Berlitz WordMaster, so let's go!

IS IT ALL RIGHT IF (I) . . .    ~してもいいですか

This is a good way to ask for permission in almost all situations. It has the same meaning as May I . . .?

これは許可を求めるときの言い方です。ほとんどどんな場合にも使えて便利です。May I ... (~してもいいですか)と同じ意味です。

1. Is it all right if I use your phone?

2. Is it all right if I sit here?

3. I'm getting tired. Is it all right if we take a break?
Take care, and we'll see you again tomorrow!